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McDonalds backs the Bears

Alan Robinson and John Kiely

Alan Robinson and John Kiely

Coventry Bears and McDonald's are delighted to announce that McDonald's has agreed to become a Bears' business ambassador and sponsor for the forthcoming 2017 season.  McDonald's world famous golden arches will feature prominently on the Bears' playing shirts and the McDonald's restaurants in the City Centre at West Orchards and Cross Cheaping combined with Binley will be offering promotions for Bears' members and supporters throughout the season.

McDonald's franchisee in Coventry, John Kiely, is excited about the benefits and support that his McDonald's restaurants can bring to the Bears and vice versa:

"I am very impressed with the community work and benefit the Bears bring to Coventry. I am certain that McDonald's backing will help enhance the Bears' community program off the field and increase the Bears' profile in the city." As well as joint initiatives in the City, there has never been a better time to support a great club with the Community at its heart.

Bears' Managing Director, Alan Robinson, is also excited about having such a heavyweight brand behind the Bears:

"Having McDonald's as a brand ambassador and sponsor for the 2017 season is a major achievement and vote of confidence for the Bears.  I have no doubt that our community programs and profile will continue to flourish with both McDonald's and John's involvement."

The Bears will be announcing details of further business ambassadors, a special sponsorship Golden Ticket raffle and the launch of the Bears member ambassador scheme in the next few weeks.

For more details you can visit our Bears ambassador page here

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