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Coventry Northern Union (Rugby League) 1908

Coventry Northern Union (Rugby League) 1908


Rugby League was first played in Coventry in 1908 when the then Northern Union team competed in the premier northern competition up until 1913. Unfortunatley after WW1 in 1914 the team failed to carry on. 80 years later in 1998 Coventry Bears were born formed by a group of Coventry University students led by Alan Robinson the current owner and CEO. The club played in amateur competitions up until 2015 when it was granted entry into the third tier of professional Rugby League.

The Bears now compete in Betfred League One two divisions below the Super League. We are the only professional club in the Midlands with fans from across the UK as we pioneer the sport of rugby league outside the traditional heartlands of the game. We are a family run club built on community values. We are always looking for new fans and volunteers while our summer community programme is always open to new young children looking to try rugby league for the first time. If you wish to get involved please join our mailing list or browse our website for more information.





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