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Widnes Vikings Preview & Squad

Another great day for the Bears

The time is almost upon the Bears for yet another landmark in their 20th Anniversary season.

Having had a record home attendance in a friendly against Leeds Rhinos, and having put up a good fight against Bradford Bulls last week, the next Challenge Cup fifth round is next.

Already this is the furthest the Bears have reached in the competition, and they have overcome two of the best of the amateur ranks, Distington and then Pilkington Recs, dealing with them firmly and very much according to plan.

The reward then is a trip to Widnes Vikings, a Super League side, indeed the Bears first ‘competitive’ match against a side from the top flight.

Widnes have a great history in the cup and will be looking to make progress tomorrow, boosted by the return of two key players, Pat Ah Van and Lloyd White and this shows they will not be taking the Bears threat lightly.

Meanwhile, Bears fans are looking forward to seeing their team in the role of underdogs with nothing to lose against one of the game’s great teams.

For the first time, a group of fans will be travelling together in a specially chartered coach, with others making their own way up to Cheshire.

Whatever the result, this can only be an experience which will benefit the young Bears side as they step out in the Blue of Coventry at the Halton Stadium.

Bears 19 man squad:

Alex Beddows 

Ben Stead 

Ben Gray 

Harry Kaufman 

James Geurtjens

Joel Thomas

John Aldred 

Lewis Lord 

Liam Rice Wilson 

Paul Emanuelli 

Zak Williams

Chris Vitalini 

Errol Carter

Jason Bass

Richie Hughes

James Mason

Jamahl Hunte

Rhys Gant


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