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Keighley Cougars preview

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Keighley Cougars v Coventry Bears Sunday 10th May 3pm

This Sunday the Bears travel to Keighley Cougars for round 6 of Kingstone Press League One. The match will be held in honour of Danny Jones who tragically lost his life last weekend and will be an emotional day for everyone in the sport.

Coventry Bears coach Tom Tsang said: “It’s going to be emotional for everyone involved. I think they’re expecting close to a sell-out crowd. In terms of us as a team, we’ve got to try our best to prepare as normal and treat it as a normal game, go up there and do the occasion justice.

“Although both teams will be wanting to win for various reasons, at the end of the day the result will probably pale into insignificance.”

Bears to donate:

Coventry Bears players will be donating a portion of their match fee to Danny Jones Fund while also presenting a signed and framed Bears jersey to the Cougars club prior to the match in honour of Danny and to commemorate the game.

Supporters are urged to please donate and share in aid of Dannys family and to raise awareness for new opportunities for heart screening in sport. Donations can be made here

Squad to be selected from:

1. Cameron Boulter (7)

2. Dan Rundle (42)

3. Simon Phillips (13 &Captain)

4. Eddie Medforth (4)

5. Reece Chapman Carry (41)

6. Dan Poulton (18)

7. Dan Parker (30)

8. James Geurtjens (27)

9. Richie Hughes (24)

10. Tom Hall (38)

11. Chris Barratt (12)

12. Liam Thompson (29)

13. Matt Reid (50)

14. Alex Brown (9)

15. Matt Cooper (26)

16. Kenny Kelliher (32)

17. Alex Beddows (16)

18. Jake Pratley (22)

19. Stephen Coleman (21)

20. John Aldred (10)

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