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Bears sign Liam Rice Wilson

Liam in action for Wales last summer

Liam in action for Wales last summer


We are very pleased to announce the signing of talented young welsh halfback Liam Rice-Wilson.

Tom Tsang spoke of the new signing

“I am pleased that Liam has signed with us for 2018. He is a current student international player for Wales and is also in the running to be selected for the Welsh u23 side that will play in the Commonwealth games. He attended our trial day in October last year and showed he clearly has ability and a lot of potential. Since then, he has trained with us and his work ethic and professional attitude have really shone through. As a hooker or halfback, stepping up into a League 1 squad and in such a key position, it can sometimes be difficult, but he has really asserted himself into the team and has quickly become well liked. He will need to continue to improve, especially on the physical side but I am positive that he will be a great asset to us in 2018.”

Liam Commented:

“I am excited and proud to be offered a contract with the Bears. I've made sacrifices since I was 14 to get to this point and my parents have made bigger ones on my behalf. 

I was very impressed with the Bears set up and coaching team from the moment I trialled. So much so, that I backed myself and decided to bank everything with Bears when they offered me to train on. 

I am excited about the 2018 season and can't wait to take the field with a great bunch of talented blokes.  It's going to be a learning curve playing in Championship 1 against some well-established teams and new ones aspiring to establish themselves for the future, but one that I am going to grab with both hands.”

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