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Tackle Track Safety

Tackle Track Safety

The Tackling Track Safety Project, is our way of helping you to understand that railways are much more dangerous than you may think. Every year lots of people both young and old get hurt or even die, because they didn’t realise how dangerous the railway and trains can be.

The Project has been developed to incorporate vital safety messages about the railway into fun sporting activity sessions such as; Football, Rugby, Basketball etc.

All aspects of the Tackling Track Safety Project are designed to ensure that all learners are engaged in their learning by the use of sport as a tool to deliver the safety education. The Project encompasses the four main learning styles (Fleming’s ‘VARK’ Model) Visual – Auditory – Reading/Writing – Kinesthetic. By continually maintaining the use of the four main learning styles in a balanced method of delivery, the Tackling Track Safety Project is able to effectively deliver the key safety messages throughout.

During the National Pilot, the project has reached out to in excess of 18,000 children aged between 7 – 16 across 6 areas of the country!