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Bears in the Community CIC would like you to get to know the Community Coaches:

James Geurtjens

Name: James Geurtjens (Gurcho)

Age: 31

Previous RL Clubs: Norths Devils, Wests Panthers, Burleigh Bears

Any International Appearances:  World cup 2013 - Wales & European cup 2015 -Wales

First started playing: In the back yard with my Brother, then primary school then I joined a club called the Mudgeeraba Redbacks.

How did you hear about RL: I was born in Queensland, its basically a religion down there!

Career highlight: 2006 Grand final - Burleigh Bears

How long have you been a coach: 3 years

What do you enjoy most about coaching: Watching people fall in love with the greatest game of all!

James is Sponsored by JUMP IN Warwick

Michael Russell

Name: Michael Russell (Mikey)

Age: 22

Previous RL Clubs: Dublin City Exiles

Any International Appearances: 9

First started playing: Sydney, Australia

How did you hear about RL: I grew up playing it

Career highlight: Scoring a try on my international debut

How long have you been a coach: 4 years

What do you enjoy most about coaching: Seeing kids enjoy the sport!

Mikey is Sponsored by Michael Shires and family

Jamahl Hunte

Name: Jamahl Hunte (Jamma)

Age: 23

Previous RL Clubs: Halifax

Any International Appearances:  12-16 games, Barbados 7's

First started playing: When I was 9 years old

How did you hear about RL: My uncle played and I was too aggressive for football so my coaches said!

Career highlight: Playing in Hong Kong!

How long have you been a coach: 3 years

What do you enjoy most about coaching: I love meeting all the different kids and I love to get to know their personalities! I like to think I can inspire them too.

Jamahl is Sponsored by B Salon

Kieran Sherratt

Name: Kieran Sherratt

Age: 21

Previous RL Clubs: Ashton Bears, Wigan St Patricks  Professional: Wigan Warriors 

Any International Appearances:  Great Britain lions, England Students

First started playing: Down at my local amateur club Ashton, was told about rugby by a friend, I was hooked after the first session!

How did you hear about RL: Friends and family

Career highlight: Winning the academy grand final at Wigan Warriors - three times

How long have you been a coach: 3 years

What do you enjoy most about coaching: Teaching people our game and having fun doing so

Kieran is Sponsored by Hannah Kirchin

Conor McKiernan

Name: Conor McKiernan (CJ)

Age: 18

Previous RL Clubs:  None, I'm actually a footballer!

First started playing: I first started playing the Rugby league when I started my apprenticeship, not for a team but with the Coventry Bears community.

How did you hear about RL: I first heard about it in school but wasn't very keen on the sport, I would say I'm more of a football person. But since I've started this apprenticeship I've really come to enjoy the sport and getting to know the others coaches who play for the team. It's been really enjoyable to learn new things and getting to know the people involved with the Coventry Bears.

How long have you been a coach: Just less than a year

Highlight: The highlight of this coaching apprenticeship so far would be going to see my first ever rugby league match which was at the Ricoh when England played there and also the day before meeting some of the England and Australian players.

What do you enjoy most about coaching: The thing I enjoy about coaching rugby league is that I am coaching a range of different age groups and different skill levels so it has become a challenge for me which I enjoy.


CJ is proud to be our super star Apprentice Coach!

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