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"We now Love the Bears"

Sue Jamieson

Sue and her partner Mark Davis have become fans of Coventry Bears through playing Bears 5's and supporting Bears in the Community activities. Read about her journey below:

Sue and her partner Mark
  • Total number of hours playing Bears 5’s: 72
  • Coach education and training sessions: 2
  • Female only sessions attended: 12
  • Festivals attended: 2


7th May 2016 - Sue came with her partner to watch her first ever game of Rugby League when Coventry Bears played a game at the Ricoh Arena. She loved the game and then started to come regularly to all home games for Coventry Bears. This is where she first found out about Bears 5’s.

15th May 2016 – Sue came to her first Bears 5’s session

June 2016 - Sue and her partner offered to volunteer with the club on game days and got involved with the social media reporting on a game day.

Social Media

5th November - Sue attended the Ricoh Arena for the 4 nations double header as a Rugby League fan. She engaged with Coventry Bears community activity in the fan zone that day, spreading the word about Bears 5’s.

December 2016 - Sue and her partner bought a season ticket for the 2017 season

March 2017 – Sue and her partner came to Butts Park Arena for Bears 5’s celebration festival/luncheon.

How did you hear about Bears 5?

I followed Coventry Bears on Facebook after watching the game they played at the Ricoh.  My partner Mark and I were talking about playing a non-contact rugby (I have a condition which means my joints aren't very stable so non-contact was a must) and then a Facebook post popped up about Bears 5s so we went along and have been going ever since.

What do you enjoy about Bears 5?

There are lots of elements.  I enjoy doing a different kind of exercise (I do a lot of cycling).  It's a great bunch of people so it's a nice social occasion too, and it's a fun way of getting exercise and keeping fit, but most of all it's the encouragement you get.  Before Bears 5s I had never participated in any kind of team sport so felt quite scared on my first night, but I needn't have been as the coaches have been great.

Can you see a difference in your fitness since you have been attending Bears 5?

I can.  I feel I can run much faster. When I first started I used to really ache the next day too but I think I'm a lot stronger now as now I don't ache at all.

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