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Tom Tsang Interview: post Toronto

Tom Tsang  

Tom Tsang  

Bears use Toronto trip to build mid-season momentum

Coventry Bears Head Coach Tom Tsang shared his thoughts after the gamer against Toronto where his team put up some stiff resistance and gained a lot of  admiration and media attention on both sides of the Atlantic.

So, Tom, how do you feel about the game?

I think we obviously outplayed most peoples’ expectations.

We tried to implement a different tactic to normal in an attempt to nullify some of Toronto’s obvious threats, and for the most part the lads stuck to it - the patch in the first half where we came away from the plan was when Toronto pulled ahead with a few tries.

I’m really proud of the boys and their effort and attitude was amazing. Having said that we still were capable of more and the scoreline should have been even closer.

What did the team get from the experience?

The lads have been through a genuine once in a lifetime weekend that they will remember and cherish forever. They have played in front of a Superleague sized crowd and against players with hundreds of NRL, Superleague and international appearances under their belts. We should now have the confidence to take on any side in the league.

What's the mood like now?

The team are very tired right now after an exhausting game followed by thorough post match celebrations of our efforts.

But the whole experience has really brought the team together and everyone is now very positive for the rest of the season.

Any thoughts on next couple of games?

We now face Hemel followed by South Wales who are both below us in the league.

Hemel beat us in preseason and the match will be even tougher given the amount of travelling this week.

But it’s essential we use this trip as a spring board to getting some wins on the board and its vital we are beating those teams around us on the league table.

Now is the time to build some momentum as we approach the mid-season split in the competition.

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