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Thunder Preview


Newcastle v Bears Preview

Lets continue where we left off

The Bears are back on the road again this Sunday when they head to Newcastle Thunder, the northernmost outpost of League 1 Rugby League, just over four hours away.

This season, all clubs play each other twice, home and away, and it will be interesting tosee how the Coventry side which lost at home in April will now fare as they fulfill the return fixture.

The fans who went to the home game will remember two things; the loud, vociferous but good-natured Thunder supporters who came down to the BPA, and also the rain which came down before, during and after the match.

This meant that the two sides were starting in a quagmire with standing water on the pitch and a slippery ball, not ideal for flowing rugby.

And it was yet another of ‘those’ games, where their opponents buit up a 24 point lead before the Bears started scoring.

Doing much of that damage to the Bears was Theeropol Ritson, and their kicker also had a good game that day.

It wasn’t a dirty match, but two players were sin binned, including our own Chris Vitalini.

The final score of 18-32 shows the Bears narrowing the deficit to just 14 points after that poor start, not winning but dominating for most of the game, and whittling away at Thunder’s lead

So, on to this Sunday’s game, can the lads can continue where they left off?

This time the weather will be better too, no rain and for Newcastle a decidedly tropical 20 degrees with nice sunshine.

And fingers crossed the Bears will be better too, strengthened by their two Hull KR Dual Registration players who both shone in a much improved overall showing last weekend.

So as we enter the second half of the season, lets hop the Bears start getting those results, starting this Sunday.

19 Man Squad to face Newcastle: 

1. Jason Bass

2. Reece Rance

3. Kam Pearce Paul

4. Jacob Bass

5. Errol Carter

6. Paul Emmanuelli

7. Ben Stead

8. James Geurtjens

9. Joe Cator

10. Dan Gover

11. Brad Clavering

12. Chris Barratt

13. Chris Vitalini

14. Robbie Butler

15. Mal Lloyd Jones

16. James Mason

17. Zak Williams

18. Peter Ryan

19. Harry Chapman

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