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Bears get ready for Ladbrokes Challenge cup


This week sees the Bears take on Oldham once more but this time in the Ladbrokes Challenge cup. Head coach Tom Tsang gave his comments ahead of the game this Sunday.

"I thought all things considered last week was a creditable first performance with lots of positives. Not least that we now have a bench mark to measure ourselves against one of the best teams in this competition.

Although it is unusual and somewhat unfortunate to have drawn Oldham away in two different Cup competitions on consecutive weeks, it is a perfect opportunity to jump straight back on the horse - we have trained very well this week and have identified the things we need to improve and I am sure that we will be raring to come Sunday."

Bears Team: Billy Sheen; Jamahl Hunte; Stephen Coleman; Eddie Medforth; Dan Poulton; Simon Phillips; James Geurtjens; Alex Brown; John Aldred; Liam Thompson; Alex Calvert. Subs: Ben Tyers; Matt Cooper; Nick Taylor; Rob Meadows.

Alan Robinson