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30 seconds with Kam Pearce-Paul

Over the next few weeks, we’re getting to know a few of the stars of our recent season launch video a little better. Today, spend 30 seconds with our master of sleight of hand…Kam Pearce-Paul.

The first time you see it, it’s hard to comprehend exactly what happened. Very much a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment.

We’re talking about Kam Pearce-Paul’s on-field wizardry in our final away game of the 2018 season, away to Whitehaven.

We see him take the ball - that much is clear - and we see it end up in the hands of winger Reece Rance, who dives over to score in the corner. But, what happened in between?

That’s the tricky part.

By some majestic piece of sleight of hand, Kam somehow threw a stupendous pass that bamboozled the defence and laid the try on a plate for his winger.

Even the magician himself doesn’t quite know how he did it.

“Yeah, that pass,” he started, “I don’t know how I did it - it was in the moment.

“I don’t really know what I was doing but I’m just glad it pulled off!”

Kam joined us last season on a season-long loan from the London Broncos and instantly showed his class in our backline. As such, we’re delighted that he’s signed on a permanent basis for the 2019 season.

Kam continued: “The Bears took me in on loan last season, and I saw first hand the improvement we made through the year. I saw a club with an exciting future and it was something I wanted to be part of. I'm looking forward to next season and the team picking up where we left off this year.”

Bears head coach Tom Tsang added: “I am very excited to confirm KP will be joining the Bears officially, having been on a season long loan from the London Broncos in 2018. 

“Kam quickly earned a great reputation as an attacking centre during his time with us this year, but also improved the defensive side of his game as the season progressed. KP built a fantastic relationship on the right edge with fellow returners Chris Barratt and Reece Rance and I expect these combination to pick straight up where it left off.”


To see how Kam gets on in 2019 - and what new tricks he might have up his sleeve - snap up your season ticket now. They include entry to all our Betfred League 1 home matches in 2019, any home Cup matches and our pre-season friendly against Super League’s Leeds Rhinos on Friday 18 January.

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