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30 seconds with Dante Morley-Samuels

We’re almost at the end of our series of short films with different members of the Bears family. Today’s star has quickly become a club icon on and off the field - it’s Dante Morley-Samuels.

There can be few players in British rugby league as instantly recognisable as Dante Morley-Samuels - after all, you don’t see that many ginger afros on a rugby pitch!

But, Dante proved in his first season with us that he is far more than just a hair do - comfortable at centre, fullback or on the wing, he regularly got the team on the front foot in 2018 and was a worthy winner of our young player of the season.

In 2019, he’s back and ready for more!.

Dante said: “It was an honour winning the young player of the year award - I’m looking forward to playing another season with the Coventry Bears in front of all the good fans we’ve got.

“In 2019 I’m hoping for a better season and for the team to show show everyone that Coventry is more than just a development team.”

Head coach Tom Tsang was also delighted to secure Dante’s services for 2019.

He said: “Dante signs up for his second season with the Bears after turning heads in 2018. He is a strong and athletic outside back with good feet and a nice turn of speed. 

“He needs to work on some areas of his game - such as his passing if playing in the centre or at fullback - but being just 19 years old and possessing a great attitude to learning, he will no doubt make the leap in 2019.”  

Oh, and let’s not finish this without some hairstyle chat.

Dante added: “About my hair - I get quite a few comments calling me Sideshow Bob but I don’t mind really - I like it!”

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