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30 seconds with Alan Robinson

We’ve reached the finale of our series of short films about the Bears family and we’ve saved the most important until last - it’s Bears founder, owner and CEO Alan Robinson.

What else can be said about Alan Robinson that hasn’t already been put out there?

He is the man from Northern Ireland who came to Coventry to get a degree, but also fell in love with rugby league, formed our club and is still here today guiding the ship.

And, 20 years on, he’s just as excited and passionate about it as he ever was.

Alan said: “We came from humble beginnings, back while I was at University in Coventry.

“We founded the club back in 1998 and have been a successful amateur club all these years. We’ve a great set of staff and volunteers, and we’re doing a lot of work in the community now, and that’s something that will ensure the future of the club and the next generation on the club.

“We want to keep developing our business, we want to keep bringing new fans into the game and new players into the game, and being more and more competitive every week against the established clubs in rugby league.”

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